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Is Bitcoin Rallying to a New High?

Not long ago, I blogged about Bitcoin’s recovery and how retail investors could invest/profit during such a scenario. As of 30th September 2021, Bitcoin’s (BTC) attempt to break the USD50k resistance came with a very strong buy volume. As always, anything can happen in the cryptocurrency market and investors shouldn’t be surprised if there’s a … Continue reading

How to weed out a solid stock during a bear market

For this article, I’ve picked Etsy as an example of a solid stock to look out for during a bear market. Just a brief introduction; ETSY ( is an e-commerce business that connects buyers with sellers of handmade/vintage items, as well as craft supplies. Products listed on its website,, ranges across jewelry, clothing, furniture, … Continue reading

Bear Market Around The Corner?

The US stock market has seen heavy selling volume during the first week of September 2021. This is due to a combination of post-earnings season profit-taking, unfavorable economic indicators coming out of the US and China, rise in Covid-19 cases in developed countries, and more. As advised by Mark Minervini on his Twitter post (shown … Continue reading

My Preferred Broker (for Trading Stocks)

In this post, I’ll share with you the broker I’ve been actively using for my trade activities on the U.S. stock market. This is so that it will be easier for me to communicate with you if I need to cover the technical aspect related to the broker. It will also be beneficial for beginners … Continue reading

Visa (V) Looking Attractive

During pre-pandemic period, Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA) were attractive megacap stocks to invest in. It only makes sense as both companies were profit-making machines. However, now that the pandemic is still rampant, a large portion of their revenue has taken a hit due to restrictions on cross-border travelling and physical leisure activities. However, this … Continue reading

Is Bitcoin recovering?

Bitcoin chart (30th Aug 2021) Keeping it simple, let’s study the trend and price action of Bitcoin’s daily chart: Item A: Strong buying rally with low selling volume since 21st July 2021 where majority of daily candles are in the green. Item B: Rally managed to push above both the downtrend line and USD41k resistance … Continue reading

Hello, fellow traders!

About me: My name’s Lucas. I’m a former restauranteur, a dad to two adorable kids, and the breadwinner of my household. Aside from that, I’m a passionate trader. My journey in trading covers Wall Street stocks and cryptocurrencies. It began in 2017, when my wife tormented me with her nagging so that I would start … Continue reading

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