Hello, fellow traders!

About me:

My name’s Lucas. I’m a former restauranteur, a dad to two adorable kids, and the breadwinner of my household. Aside from that, I’m a passionate trader. My journey in trading covers Wall Street stocks and cryptocurrencies. It began in 2017, when my wife tormented me with her nagging so that I would start investing my hard-earned money instead of burning them on things that depreciate over time.

My trading experience:

I began investing into Bitcoin (2017) and some standard Wall Street stocks (2018), while enrolling myself in several courses in investment/trading. I’ve also paid a premium to the market for rookie mistakes I’ve made at the beginning. Now fast forward to 2021, I had to shut down my restaurant due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic…but boy, was I thankful that my wife nagged me back in 2017 — the timing couldn’t have been better! The long-term investment I made in Bitcoin and Wall Street paid off handsomely right when I had to call it quits with my restaurant (only source of income). This inspired me to take my investments more seriously, and I then became way more active and disciplined in trading, aiming for consistent profits (and not gambling) which then made this my full-time hobby/job.

Why did I start blogging?

My market experience consists of trades using CFD’s, Options, and non-leverage tools. With consistent profits in mind, I prefer to keep my trade ideas flexible and plan my trades in accordance to what the market is telling me. Again, nobody can get 100% of their trades right, so that’s where each trade needs to be planned carefully with a back-up plan. It’s exciting and strenuous at the same time! And with this blog, I intend to lay out my trade ideas, important market updates, and lessons learned so that I can share them with friends, family, and other like-minded individuals. It’s also a way for me to organize my thoughts and learn from my mistakes and successes. At the end of it all, I hope we can exchange trade ideas, gain valuable knowledge, and — more importantly — make money from the time spent on this blog.

Until then, I hope you find this blog useful. Happy trading, guys!